Greetings Everybody,

This is the second episode of “How I contributed to switching Telescope’s Front-End from Gatsby to Next.js” — the last episode is coming soon.

This week’s open-source adventures started with issue #1376, where we wanted to display the “No Results Found” image on the search page if the search did not return any results. This was another issue that I took from a person who was no longer contributing to Telescope.

No Results Image

The first problem with this PR was that the contributor proposed to use Facebook’s No-Results image — and we definitely don’t want to do that.

Facebook Lawers when you forget about Copyright (Original Image source)

So the first part…

Greetings Everybody,

This is the first episode of my story about “How I contributed to switching Telescope’s Front-End from Gatsby to Next.js”. During this week, I will be posting 2 more parts of this story — for each week I was contributing to the switch.

Gatsby or smth, I’m not a front-end dev

On the 12th of February 2021,

David filed Issue #1733 named “Switch front-end to next.js”, where he posted a list of all the changes and fixes that needed to be done to be ready for the switch. By that time, a significant portion of Next.js Front-End has already been done, so we needed to finalize the work our team was doing. …

Hi, this is me — Ilya! Yes, I haven’t been writing a lot during the past year, but here I am again.


What happened during the last year?

Well, you might have heard about a tiny incident called the World Pandemic and COVID-19, and Canada treats it very seriously — so there was a lot of “getting used to the new lifestyle locked inside of your house”.

But overall, here is a shortlist of the most interesting events in the last 12 months:

  • I finished the 6th semester of Seneca’s BSD program;
  • The COVID-19 Lockdown started, and all of us got very happy at first…
  • ……

How I wrote tests for Telescope project

Greetings everyone!
It is finally the end of the Fall 2019 semester!
Christmas music has been in the playlist of almost every shopping mall since the end of November, and most of the college and university students have already finished their projects and (I hope) killed their final exams.

So (again, I hope) did I.

And between finalizing the projects for my other courses and preparing for my Finals I was contributing to the Telescope project, that my groupmates and I have started and which I described in my previous post:

This time, I was to test what we have…

In the search for the new Planet

Caltech Researchers discuss the existence of the ninth planet in our Solar System — and Seneca CDOT is actively looking for a new Planet to become it’s home.

Greetings everyone!

I haven’t written posts in a pretty long time, and a lot of things have happened during that time:

  • HacktoberFest2019 finished, all of my PRs got merged (which motivates me a lot!), and my T-Short will arrive at me soon;
  • I have written my mid-term exams — pretty happy with the results;
  • My Major project team and I are working hard towards making our application up and fully working (right now most…

This week I have completed 1/4 pull request for Hactoberfest 2019

25% done (… I hope so)

Happy October!
This week I have completed my first pull request to a real project outside of our school, and at the same time, it was my first out of four pull requests participating in Hacktoberfest 2019!


I have contributed to the project, called Vmchecker — a virtual machine service that runs QEMU and Docker in a Nomad cluster. Being more specific, I have contributed to the UI interface repository of Vmck project — vmck/acs-interface.

What was the issue?

The issue number 22 stated that there are two equal pieces of code in two different parts of the project — and the proposal was…

Getting ready for HacktoberFest 2019

Hacktoberfest 2019 is an annual international festival, dedicated to support, encourage and promote Open-Source development, organized by the DigitalOcean platform and the DEV Community. Numerous events will be held all around the globe — and everybody is welcome to participate in them!
The very best part of this festival, which makes it truly international and open is that most of the interesting things will be happening in one place, which is truly accessible by the most of the people on the planet — in the World Wide Web.

Why is it interesting though, and why…

Exploring the planet called “Open-Source Development”.

Apollo 11 landing

“Greetings, future software developer. We are about to land on an amazing planet, where its inhabitants share ideas and goods, collaborate and help each other on their way, comment, review and give feedback on the work of others on their way to the better future

– this is what I would have probably heard if I was an astronaut, travelling through the endless universe in the search of new worlds. But this world is right here, one click away — and it is the World of Open-Source Development.

This week I have not only landed, but also made a couple…

This week I was working on a pretty simple and straight-forward online notepad, called z-Note.

Well, that’s Notepad — what did you expect?

The z-Note notepad allows the user to make a note (nothing but a plain text), save it, close your browser, open the page again — and the note will still be there. That is the main concept of this “easy Notepad” and the main goal, that was set and achieved for this release.

Surfing through the trending GitHub repositories, I came across the OpenPose Project.

Testing the Crazy Uptown Funk flashmob in Sydney video sequence with OpenPose

OpenPose by CMU Perceptual Computing Lab is a real-time multi-person keypoint detection library for body, face, hands and foot estimation, written in C++ language and working on Linux (Ubuntu 14, 16), Mac OSX and Windows 8/10. In simple words, it allows to detect and recognize gestures, poses, facial expressions and movements in real-time.

What are the features?

OpenPose system can detect the human body from a 2D-video, using 15/18/25-keypoint body and feet recognition, 2*21-keypoint hand estimation and 70-keypoints facial recognition for one and more person in the picture. Having multiple cameras connected…

Ilya Zhuravlev

Student — Junior Software Developer

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