Greetings Everybody,

This week’s open-source adventures started with issue #1376, where we wanted to display the “No Results Found” image on the search page if the search did…

Greetings Everybody,

Gatsby or smth, I’m not a front-end dev

On the 12th of February 2021,

Hi, this is me — Ilya! Yes, I haven’t been writing a lot during the past year, but here I am again.


What happened during the last year?

How I wrote tests for Telescope project

Greetings everyone!
It is finally the end of the Fall 2019 semester!
Christmas music has been in the playlist of almost every shopping mall since the end of November, and most of the college and university students have already finished their projects and (I hope) killed their final exams.


This week I have completed 1/4 pull request for Hactoberfest 2019

25% done (… I hope so)

Happy October!
This week I have completed my first pull request to a real project outside of our school, and at the same time, it was my first out of four pull requests participating in Hacktoberfest 2019!


Exploring the planet called “Open-Source Development”.

Apollo 11 landing

“Greetings, future software developer. We are about to land on an amazing planet, where its inhabitants share ideas and goods, collaborate and help each other on their way, comment, review and give feedback on the work of others on their way to the better future

– this is what I…

This week I was working on a pretty simple and straight-forward online notepad, called z-Note.

Well, that’s Notepad — what did you expect?

The z-Note notepad allows the user to make a note (nothing but a plain text), save it, close your browser, open the page again — and the note will still be there. …

Ilya Zhuravlev

Student — Junior Software Developer

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